Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Why, worth and Bettany.

1. I am besieged by Alec's whys today. Finally I throw them back at him. 'Why do you want to know?'
'Because I asked you?'
'But why?'
He says with exasperation 'Now you've got the why bug, too!'

2a. One of our favourite shop assistants gives us a jigsaw out of the bag she is taking to charity.

2. Alec is being particularly (almost) four this morning -- he is asking for everything that looks like a snack (I am sorely tempted, sorely, to buy him that piece of soap) and jabbing at fragile-looking packages and responding rudely to any correction. 'You need the patience of a saint,' says the shop assistant serenely, and I know she is not judging my worth based on my son's aggressive interrogation of our social customs.

3. After Alec has taken his boundary testing (and all the associated drama) off to sleep (I assume he is analysing his data) I get some time to play with Bettany and enjoy the discovery that is giving her pleasure today: lip wibbling.


  1. I LOVE your turning the tables . . . and actually, that's Miss Manners' answer to overly-personal questioners also. "Why ever would you ask that?" Hugs to one with the patience of a saint. ;-)

    1. Those whys really push my buttons. I feel as if my every move is being interrogated and I automatically get defensive and start just trying to justify myself, but Alec is three and he doesn't care (or understand), so I try harder to justify myself and it just gets a bit out of control.

  2. I allowed my kids so many whys in a day. They needed to keep count of them so they began using why more carefully.

    1. That's a good idea. There are times when I don't mind lots of questions -- but I can't bear it when we get into that cycle, when 'why' just pops out of Alec's mouth without any thought about what he wants to know. It's like an impulse and I shall try to ration the whys when it happens.


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