Friday, November 07, 2014

Listen, massage and haircut.

1. Alec and I spend some time yelling at each other to 'LISTEN' before it occurs to us to take our own advice. Within moments the problem is resolved to everyone's satisfaction (including Bettany, who gets at least half of Alec's banana because he likes seeing her signing 'please').

2. I treat myself to a massage from my beauty lady (she's really very good indeed and can get all the knotted places without hurting me). That moment when a muscle I didn't know was tight gives up and lets go.

3. I complain to the hairdresser -- as always -- that my hair feels so heavy it makes me feel tired. She uses a strange pair of scratchy scissors to thin out the layers and it is such a relief to see puffy tufts falling all around me.

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  1. I have a funny comb with razor blades in it that does something similar in a scratchy way. I got it for Molly but it wasn't quite tough enough for her coat, but I use it on myself occasionally, but not often as it's tempting to go too far.

    Finally got around to posting Bettany's jumper at mine, and Alec's picture and things too.


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