Thursday, November 27, 2008

Leaving together, tea round and sleep.

1. In the grey light we leave the house together -- Nick is late and I am early.

2. Hot drinks from the machine have gone up by 5p. Teapots appear like desk mushrooms and the fridge is full of milk bottles.

3. Sleeping and waking twine in the first part of the night, and so do our fingers.


  1. Thought you might particularly appreciate these quotes and others that whiskey river has been collecting recently - here's to whiskey's blog, and your blog, and here's to gratitude!

  2. I just read about you in the book 'Enough'
    and you have really inspired me. Such a great book
    and this is such a great blog.
    Thanks for making my day!
    Kipi x

  3. I do so love a bit of romance. May your fingers to continue to entwine. Reminds me of Angel Clare in Tess of teh Durbervilles, where they wash their hands and can't work out whose fingers are whose.

  4. I love that image of teapots as 'desk mushrooms' - great vision Clare!


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