Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thick clothes, a smile and sleep.

1. The cold lashes at my face, and I'm glad of my warm outer layers. They are mostly presents: my coat was a Christmas present from my mother. My hat was a gift from a colleague. My thick knitted mittens were a present from Christine. And my scarf was a present from myself.

2. Katie comes back from lunch to find me on the phone. 'Who were you talking to that's made you smile?' It's Cat and goddaughter Ellie.

3. Going to bed early, and settling down to sleep while Nick is still reading.


  1. Dear Clare
    Thank you for writing Three Beautiful Things. I read it every day after a stressful, frenetic day at work, and it makes me feel calm as I enter the serene world of 3BT.

  2. Oh no, cold winter days coming. I hope your gifts keep you warm.

  3. oh! i'm so glad you still wear your mittens!

  4. I have been so sad recently and your page has lifted my spirits more than you can imagine. What a wonderful inspiration you are, to find pleasure in the simplest of things. Thank you


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