Monday, November 17, 2008

Tea time, warmth and bean soup.

1. Down a corridor (on the other side of plushy velvet the lounge bar, past comfortable ladies knitting, and mothers with eyes only for their babies and dutiful people treating elderly relatives to afternoon tea) gold leaves fall past a window.

2. The waiter comments on the chill in the orangery. As he leaves us, he touches the floor to check the heating has come on.

3. A bowl of hot red spicy bean soup.

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  1. I work in a public library with lots of high-up windows, but none that I can actually see the street through.

    Anyway, when I walked out this afternoon from my office to the area with windows, I thought of you . . .
    "1. First snow of the season, making the inner city look beautiful.

    2. Street-tough teens coming in with smiles because they've just twirled in the falling snow.

    3. My young customer, named Unique, comes to hug me so she can get some of my warmth."

    Think I'll post this on my blog and give you a link again. :-)


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