Thursday, November 20, 2008

New bag, a light supper and the beginning.

1. I go shopping at lunchtime and find a new bag for a fiver. It replaces my disreputable old day bag which has a hole in it.

2. Mushrooms on toast cooked with brandy and dots of green leek, purple onion and garlic.

3. A display of Christmas books in Waterstones makes me feel very excited about the home traditions Nick and I are making for ourselves.


  1. When I first had Christmas away from my parents I thought I would be glad to see the back of set festive traditions - but we soon found the greatest pleasure in creating our own new ones.

  2. I never thought I'd like Christmas this much. It's such fun, though. I've been hiding goodies away to bring out when the celebrations really begin. And I've been asking everyone what their favourite traditions are.

  3. #3 and noone will do them exactly like you


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