Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fruit, foxglove and a start.

My friend Chris, who was mentioned in the first 3BT post, is hoping for enough votes to make his cat Guido The Face of Wiskas. He really is a beautiful thing, and Chris is ridiculously fond of him, so your votes would make my day! You don't have to register -- it's just a click and you're away.

1. I go to grab my phone from my bag, and the box of strawberries sings out a perfumed breath.

2. A lone foxglove growing out of the cliff under Rock Cottage.

3. Starting to read a new book.


  1. Thank you for the link - Guid' is currently 25th out of 1080 cats in the South East region. With your help, I believe he can claw his way up.

    I can't believe the notorious 'pastie incident' was so long ago.

    halcyon days...

  2. mmmmm strawberries! I'm eagerly awaiting cherry time too.

  3. Stawberries, that and watermelon always say Summer! to me.

  4. #3 - oh yes. I will never tire of that moment. Whatever the book is, new, old, hardback, paperback, bought, borrowed, stolen. Turning those first pages. I always turn all the blank ones too, never jump straight to the first sentence. Imagine if I missed something important.

  5. Guido is very handsome. He looks very squeezable.


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