Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Apple, a joke and tin can.

1. She marks her apple with a ring of identical white bites.

2. Alec has been doing something rather odd -- a theatrical startle at nothing, with wide eyes and arms thrown up, followed by a huge grin. I ask the health visitor (I'm not worried, just curious). She says "Oh bless him! We just don't know what they're thinking... Do you smile at him?" And I remember that early on when everything was new and I was scared of him being scared, I would try to laugh when a harmless thing made him jump -- so he would know he was safe. Are you making your first joke, Alec? I like it very much, and it never gets old.

3. I'm awfully glad I paid a bit more for a galvanised steel watering can because it looks so much better than the plastic version. Form trumps function when you don't have much storage space.


  1. My babies used to do that sometimes, and when I followed their gazes, they seemed to be looking at ... nothing. I began to wonder if they weren't seeing angels that we couldn't see. They stopped doing it at about three months old.

  2. That baby of yours, Clare, is amazing! Look how much you love him and he loves you!

  3. I hope he keeps doing it for a few weeks yet, then, Wynn Anne.


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