Sunday, April 10, 2011

Caterpillar, a bargain and carrot cake.

1. In the dark hours, Alec lolls, soft and hot, on my chest caterpillar-style with his bottom in the air.

2. "That chocolate tasting thing is nearly out of date," says Nick.
"Which chocolate tasting thing?" I had totally forgotten about this close-to-expiry bargain I'd picked up a month ago. What a treat.

3. The cream cheese icing for my carrot cake glops on in a most satisfying manner -- and the recipe's quantities are generous, too.


  1. I too love that satisfying glop of cream cheese icing on carrot cake. Yum...

  2. My favorite is your beautiful description of Alec with his little bottom in the air, but #'s 2 & 3 are great, too.

  3. and to that note, I had to put on the tea and get a piece of birthday cake out of the freezer to satisfy the cake urge! nice post.

  4. Oh! I remember so clearly how that felt, when each of my little babies slept on me like that. I miss it.


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