Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Nappies, making friends with Jane and not taking my own counsel.

1. Two parcels of fluffy white nappies from The Nappy Lady. We have taken her advice and chosen a package that will suit us, and I hope we are disciplined enough to keep them up. I'm not happy about the amount of waste generated by disposables; and I've also heard worrying things about a gentleman's vital parts overheating.

2. My book club is reading Emma -- I've always struggled with Jane Austen, and I've always wanted very much like her. It's a bit like when you meet someone at a club or a class that you think you'd like, but somehow always getting off on the wrong foot. Reading Emma under book club rules has given us a second chance at being friends.

3. I brought the washing in because it looked as if it might tip down. It made us late for class. It didn't rain, though; and this is annoying, but in retrospect a good thing, as I never thought about wet weather gear for the pram, or for me.


  1. Good lord, vital parts overheating at that age? I've heard of the threat of tight jeans and laptops, but nappies? It's a big bad world out there...

  2. I'm glad you shared your book club selection, Clare, and hope you will continue to do so. I'm in two book clubs now with very different people in each. I refer to them as my urban book club and my suburban book club. The urban book club always needs suggestions for books and I might mention Jane Austin to them.

    Love that analogy of you and Jane's books. :)

  3. Time for reading with a baby! Good organizational skills.

  4. I read while I feed, Joe!

    Lynn, I'll probably mention the books once in a while. I think Emma is an excellent book club choice -- there is a lot to get your teeth into.

    Barleygold -- yes, it's awful... everything appears to be a potential death trap for a young family.

  5. I know exactly what you mean about Jane Austen - I feel the same way. A wonderful friend called BBC miniseries breaks the ice beautifully between us though (although in the case of Pride and Prejudice I cannot read the book now as Colin Firth firmly refuses to stop haunting Mr Darcy for me :)).


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