Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ferret, just to let you know and cherry blossom.

1. I dash out for a brief errand -- and on the way home, on the High Street, I see a lady carrying a ferret. I'm awfully glad I went out.

2. I feed Alec, and then put him over my shoulder. The bus slows, and a woman says "Excuse me, you've got something down your back... I've got a tissue, but this is my stop." I'm wearing a navy blue coat, so I'm very grateful she spoke up. Luckily, I have a muslin -- actually, I have three.

3. Every so often a parent will leap up to follow the one-year-olds who are tottering and crawling out of the hall door and into the yard where palest pink cherry blossom falls.

4. I lay Alec on the grass and he scrunches his eyes shut against the vast bright sky. He smiles as if something is tickling him


  1. Hi Clare

    Lovely to meet you and gorgeous little Alec at Maggirs party.

    Your posts make me smile every day and remind me to look for beautiful things too. (although I don't have to look very far with little Zack around!)


  2. Zac is so handsome -- and very much a hip kid! It was good to meet you, too, and I'm glad you like 3BT!


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