Monday, August 26, 2013

Cousin, cucumber and complete families.

1. A cousin comes with cakes and spends the day making Alec shriek with laughter.

2. The ring of sparkling dew drops on the cut face of my homegrown cucumber.

3. There is a jazz festival on the Pantiles this weekend. Entire families -- from grandmothers like little white birds to fat toddlers surrounded by bright plastic cups and spoons -- sit at the tables outside Woods and The Grey Lady and the new hotel.


  1. Any visit from family makes a good day. I wish I could go to a Jazz festival and eat fresh cucumber from my own plot of earth. I bet you keep a vibrant garden.

    1. It's very messy with a lot of self-seeded things which are technically weeds. The cus came from my dad as robust plants -- anything I grow from seed gets nommed by the snails.


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