Friday, August 09, 2013

Owls, a day of scents and the request.

1. Meredith brings a collage of owls in for Bettany. I love it at once and can't wait to put it in the bedroom to watch over us while we sleep.

2. I notice Meredith noticing smells -- in particular, Bettany's scent; and the way she is drawn into shops by their scent. Later, Alec says, as he often does, about some flowers 'Can I smal it?' and I make a note because this is the sort of thing I want to remember.

3. He asks me for a story about 'A Viking who wears a Viking shirt, Viking pants and a Viking nappy'.


  1. I love the way you connect with your children's needs and interests -- eating in the garden was a brilliant solution!
    . . . and I'd love to see a photo of the owls. ;-)

  2. All you need is a Viking that drives a steam train!


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