Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Pizzas, spa water and helping the trees.

1. Slicing up pizzas for lunch. It's very satisfying to rock the knife back and forwards to get clean slices.

2. Ellie and Daniel sharing a glass of Tunbridge Wells spa water.

3. Alec did his first widdle away from home -- he wasn't quite brave enough to use the public loo with its scary hand dryer, but a tree on the common was quite acceptable. Daniel, who is a few years older and a few years more experienced, showed him how to do it and explained that trees need lots of watering. I'm really glad he (and Cat) were there to guide us -- I didn't have any notion of how to explain the technique to Alec and I'd been dreading the moment he asked to go when there was no potty near.


  1. I hope he learns about restrooms, as trees are not always available either.

    1. I know, one step at a time though. I've got to help him not be scared of being held over a full-sized loo before we can use a public lavatory. It's all a bit daunting -- but we'll get there in the end.


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