Saturday, August 09, 2014

Help, fill your boots and pudding.

1. It's amazing how helpful people are when we travel: an elderly lady with two bags of shopping steps out to flag down our bus because a delivery van is in the way, and when we get off a man stops working on his tablet and brings the backpack off the bus for us. Then on the pavement a lady holds Bettany while I re-organise all the bags.

2. Grandpa has been smiling all day when he thinks about Alec using the hose to fill his own boots with water. In the evening I tell Nick and he enjoys the story too. Grandpa says Alec is the watery equivalent of a pyromaniac (he says aquamaniac, but I think it ought to be hydromaniac).

3. A bowl of plum crumble (hot) with malt ice cream.