Sunday, August 03, 2014

Utopia, ye gods and little fishes and a good swap.

1."There's the clocktower," says Nick. And then we come up the hill to the astonishing Horniman Museum. The old building is arts and crafts and has that slight unrealness that makes the style so appealing. (Arts and crafts buildings look to me as if they have been transplanted from a future utopia that never happened). The collection is strange and eclectic; the site has views right across London; and it's very, very child friendly.

2. I put Bettany down on the floor in the aquarium. She totters around for a moment trying to get her balance and her bearings -- and then she sees the British Pond tank that fills most of one wall with cool greenish light and lazy tench. She points and squeaks and waves her hands as if she has never been so happy in her life.

3. To hand a stinky-bottomed secondborn to Nick and sneak into the bedroom to admire my sleeping firstborn.