Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Our time, professionals and I need a hero.

1. While Bettany naps after lunch, to cuddle up with Alec on the sofa. He loves it when I baby him a bit, and he is rather fond of being lavished with sympathy and invents all sorts of small woes to get it. He makes his bubbing face, a sort of pouty ooo-face, but doesn't push the matter when I decline. His requests seem to arise from habit rather than by any desire to nurse.

2. A large toddler protests by whining and struggling. His nanny says (with infinite patience) "Come on, you're tired, aren't you. I can't get anything right today, can I?" I am so, so glad to see that the professionals have those days too.

3. Alec gets stuck in the mud puddle at the end of the park. When I offer to pull him out he shakes his head: "I want Someone Else to rescue me!" I can only imagine he means the little girl with bobbed hair balancing on the log. She looks bemused. I scarper -- there are few creatures more unappealing than a man whose mother runs love errands for him.