Thursday, April 01, 2010

Embroiderer, sugar bowl and jeans.

1. I interview a lady who embroiders tactile copies of famous paintings for people with visual impairments. She uses textures to express temperature and colour. It's fascinating to experience a piece of stitching with my fingertips as well as my eyes. "Try touching it lightly -- it sort of tingles," she says.

2. She brings us coffee -- and her sugar bowl matches the dinner service that I inherited from my grandmother. She tells me that she found a pair of matching egg cups in a charity shop, and that she eats boiled eggs just for the pleasure of using them.

3. Two newly-washed pairs of jeans lounge on the bed, proud of their clean, cold blues (one deep water blue and one shallow water blue).


  1. #1....that must have been quite the experience! The pictures of her work are wonderful. The whole concept appeals to me greatly since it covers 2 subjects close to my heart.....needlework and blind people.

  2. Needles -- do tell people about it if you think they'd be interested. She is very keen to get the word out about it.


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