Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Suck, simnal cake and sofa bed.

Here are my favourite beautiful things from this week. As always, the long-list is here. You can even subscribe to its feed and watch it growing as I do my Sunday reading!

1. To use a vacuum cleaner to suck dust off the skirting board under the bed.

2. My aunt baked us a simnal cake, and decorated it with a Zepplin flying across the Caucasus Mountains (she can represent anything in cake). We have a gooey slice with our tea. I love marzipan.

3. We move into the sitting room because the painter is coming to freshen up the bedroom. The sofa is smaller than our normal bed, so it's all very cosy.


  1. lovely post to start the week with - thank you !

    Hope your week is just fab !

  2. Oh I do love marzipan! I would love to know how to create decorations on cakes, I can only bake them. :-)


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