Friday, April 09, 2010

Lettuce, decorated and Dover sole.

1. Abel and Cole sent us a bag of oriental salad leaves. It looks rather as if someone on a country walk has pulled a handful of wild greenery and brought it home for me. The different textures (large and floppy horseradish tasting leaves; tender, juicy stems with peppery leaflets) are a refreshing variation on our usual supermarket Little Gem and bland Butterhead.

2. The painter asks me to look over the bedroom. "Is it all OK?" It's brighter and cleaner and the ceiling seems higher. The room has been enticed into the modern world by a diligent man and his roller.

3. To dust a couple of Dover sole fillets with with flour and cayenne pepper, and fry them for a couple of minutes until they are warm gold and heated through.


  1. all sounds perfect!


  2. We just had our dining room decorated and that phrase "brighter and cleaner and the ceiling seems higher" is exactly what I said when I walked in there for the first time too. It's marvellous what a little paint can do, isn't it?

    On the downside though, the rest of our house looks dull and dirty in comparison! Doh!


  3. Shhh -- The buyers will hear!

    It's amazing the difference it's made. Can't wait for the paint smell to go, though.

  4. Wasn't your ceiling high enough to begin with? I don't remember you talking about having to stoop over to walk in there.

  5. It's a Victorian house and madly high ceilings are considered a good thing round here -- it's an illusion of grandeur.

    Don't forget that houses are much smaller in England than they are in Vegas -- we have to get our space where we can.

  6. I'm wodering if that is as good as my tilapia fillets @3

  7. We got those oriental leaves last week too. They were amazing to eat, although they looked like things our tortoise might find on the lawn! Those long pea-shoot things with strange centres were interesting. Fun to have things that look good as well as taste good on your plate.


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