Tuesday, June 22, 2010

At home, pay in and crafty.

1. Nick is still poorly with this cold that is going around. He takes the day off work. I'm very glad to have him to myself for the day.

2. I can't get enough of the automatic cheque paying in at my bank -- you feed in your cheques, and it KNOWS how much each is for (even with my aunt's doctor writing and my father's sprawling hand).

3. I go down to Bettina's Craft and Chat at Trinity. It's always a treat to sit working with a group of people and chatting idly about this and that. I love to drift in and out of the conversation. I'm hoping it'll become a regular event.

1 comment:

  1. I'm mesmerised by the automated cheque thing too! I feel compelled to test its limit and write cheques using all Roman numerals from now on - or using Babylonian numerals in base-60. That should confuse it! :)


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