Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pink, startle and ready for bed.

Mrs Anke has posted about Monday evening's craft and chat.

1. He brings paeonies the colour of strawberry ice cream.

2. The magpie is cackling again. I go to the front door and startle him out of the rowan tree. The robin (who has been complaining from the safe depths of the conifer) comes out on to the very same branch, chip-chip-chipping away and puffing out his chest as if it was all his doing.

3. I've caught the cold, now. Nick sends me to get ready for bed straight after the washing up. He takes the duvet off the sofa -- saying "I hope you haven't worn all the snuggle out of it" -- shakes it, and puts it back on the bed.


  1. Please be kind to your magpie - they are such energetic and funny birds. I always think that it is lucky when magpies sit on our chimney watching the world go by and occasionally commenting on the things that annoy them in their husky voices.

  2. "I hope you haven't worn all the snuggle out of it" - what a super-sweet thing to say!

  3. Alice -- I usually am very fond of magpies (I love the way they bounce when they land, and then pretend they didn't). But this one doesn't comment occasionally. He goes on and on and on, usually while we're dozing in the morning.

    myjoyproject -- it turned out the duvet was fine :-)


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