Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Trick of the light, our books are coming home and earth light.

1. The sun is bright and the wind is rambunctious, which means a day of light and shade. Reflections from my water glass and the kettle slither over the worktop. Later the shadows of trees come dancing through the blind and tickle my eyes as I'm trying to work. And on the train, the pages of my book flicker in the dappled forest light.

2. I miss the books we had to put into storage to help sell the flat. I was making a 3BT booklist for an event I'm doing, and I kept looking up at the empty shelves for help. But in three weeks, we'll be in a new place, and it won't be long before the books are back with us again.

3. "Look," says Pete. "Earth light." He says that the faint ring outlining the shadow side of the moon is our own reflection.


  1. i just randomly googled for 3 things blog and stumble upon this blog. nice =)

  2. Glad you like it! What other Three Things did you find?

  3. I can never get enough of the word rambunctious! Lovely 3BT. :-)


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