Friday, June 25, 2010

A prize, the heartbeat and bath.

1. The white parcel propped against the door is four packets of crumbly fudge from Burnt Sugar, which I won in a competition on their newsletter. I was only expecting one packet, so four pleased me very much. I'm saving the ginger one for my dad (a late father's day present); and the plain one for my mother-in-law, who always brings us sweets. We've already had a go at the sea salt we're keeping that. Tell you what -- the fourth one (chocolate) is a prize for you lot. Write your own three beautiful things in the comments section of this post, and on Tuesday 29 July at 5pm Tunbridge Wells time, I will pick a winner.

2. At first, all we can hear are the sci-fi bumps and rushes of my own insides -- then the sound changes -- speeds up. But Baby Badger doesn't like being poked, and swims off after less than a minute. It's amazing that something the size of a large orange can bounce around inside me without me feeling a thing.

3. A steamy bathroom eases my stuffed-up head and a warm bath soothes my aching joints.

It's time for another sponsored post, courtesy of Ebuzzing -- it's going up later today.


  1. Woohoo giveaways. I love 3BT so it's time I did my own...

    1. Strawberries sitting in my fridge waiting to be eaten tonight.
    2. Kitties toasting their furry bellies on sunny windowsills
    3. Oodles of inspiration arriving from nowhere.

  2. 1. Opening an email from a client who says a print representative was rude to her friend, who he said had "too many" questions about the printing of her wedding invitations, and sent her away. 'I said, "I have to email Lynn!". And here I am.'

    2. Filling my candy jar at work with the "cinnamon discs" red candy that everyone loves so much. Guaranteed visitors to my cubicle now.

    3. A message from the library that a book I've been wanting to read is there waiting for me, "Olive Kitteridge" by Elizabeth Strout.

  3. Here are story-teller Mary's beautiful things:

    1) "Borrow Bob" installed an antenna on the roof rafters, giving me back PBS.
    2) Told stories to two adorable children at the next table at Denny's -- grateful mother bought me lunch.
    3) Listening to frogs singing in the dark.

    PS: Listen to Mary's stories on her website/

  4. oooo crumbly fudge! mmmmmm

    my 3 favourite things in a quest to win a yummy treat:

    1: watching the sunset on a cliff top after spending a lazy day on the beach, complete with bbq and wine.

    2: drawing an intricate pattern in ink and the satisfaction of colouring it in....with a beautiful result!

    3. the sound of birdsong in the morning.

  5. 1. Reading 3BT in flight and online at the same time.
    2. Anticipation in seeing my grown up son in a few hours.
    3. Several days of sun after many long weeks of gray, rain and gloom.

  6. Yay - 3BT & the posibility of fudge all in the same place!

    3BT for me today...

    - my grande passion tea from Starbuck's delivered to my desk by a lovely friend

    - the random text message I received this morning from another lovely friend who moved out of town 3 days ago

    - the time I have blocked off for myself this evening inlcuding candles, a foot bath, a glass of red wine and my note book to write in

    *hugs* to all!

  7. 1. A new box of pens to open to start the new project

    2. The ottoman is the perfect height to prop up my tired feet and legs

    3. the cat leaps into my arms as I enter the room and snuggles into my neck

  8. That's a challenge today:

    1. After a day in the office where nothing has gone right, I go bowling. In the first round, I miss all pins. Then I get the hang of it and have three strikes in a row.

    2. Dessert: vanilla cheesecake like I've never had before. Moist and yet crumbly, vanilla and sugar balanced perfectly. Followed by a chocolate truffle that was pure silk for my tongue.

    3. Seeing a friend bouncing with joy because her football team is winning.

  9. 1. A free review copy of the new Bill Bryson book.

    2. An evening to myself -- four flavors of frozen yogurt with berries for dinner, dozing outside during a free concert, and then knitting at home during the late night comedies.

    3. A public recycling bin just as I finish my can of soda. (They're becoming less rare in D.C., but still are far from common.)


  10. 1. A scorching afternoon and a teenage girl leads her stooped grandmother to the bus stop. While the old lady sits in the shade, her granddaughter paces, plays with her hair and generally looks a bit sulky. They wonder when the bus is coming. The old lady stands up slowly and strains to look for signs of the bus coming up the hill. Maybe the girl is struck suddenly by how frail her grandmother is, because she softens and bends towards her, wrapping her arms around her. The grandmother pats the girl's back gently and makes soothing noises, so sweet that my eyes fill with tears.

    2. A ripe mango, eaten over the sink because it is so juicy. Talking of grandmothers, mangos remind me of my own abuela, who was not brought up in the UK. I remember her telling me that as small children, her and her siblings used to eat mangos sitting in the bath because of the juice issue.

    3. Sitting on a friend's roof terrace until 2 in the morning, under a full moon so bright it casts blue-ish shadows around us.

  11. Erm, I have no idea if your giveaway applies to non-UK residents but am coming out of lurkdom anyway. That fudge sounds too delicious to pass up :-)

    So here's my 3BT for today:
    1. A parcel of used books from the UK arrives, just when I was thinking it got lost in the mail.
    2. Knowing that in about 4 hours or so, I'll be in front of the TV watching some (hopefully) sublime tennis.
    3. Finally completing a pair of earrings requested by a friend. Mission accomplished!

    Off-topic - and just so you know - I periodically write about my 3BT on my blog (www.summerglovesand It's a wonderful way to remind myself to look at the positives in my life.

  12. I am reading your blog for the first time and it is beautiful, anyway, here are my three things.

    1. The label on the S. Pellegrino on the desk I am using has crinkled over and I want to touch it but then it would lose the perfection it has

    2. The blind in the office is broken but lets just the right amount of sun through and I can feel the warmth on my cothes

    3. People watching is the best; nobody knows you can see them laugh/cry/talk to themselves. I have watched a couple walk down outside the window and she laughed and he looked at her in the most beautiful way. You can never get used to seeing someone like that.


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