Friday, January 13, 2012

Buy some new ones, chore time and scribble.

1. I put another pair of tights in the mending pile, and once again hitch up the pair that I am wearing -- they are too big because I've lost weight since buying them. It strikes me that all the tights in the mending pile are a size too large, and some of them need their mends mending. It's time to throw them out and get new pairs.

2. Rachel comes round to play with Alec for an hour. It's wonderful to whiz through the chores without him clutching my skirt. The best thing of all is that I have time to fold the washing and put the airer away in the cupboard.

3. I go to a coffee shop and do some scribbling in one of my neglected notebooks (the last piece in it is older than Alec).


  1. Yes, you deserve new tights! It's brilliant to let Alec have playtime while you get things done. My niece used to go to a neighbor's house once a week as a "mother's helper" to play with the children while their mom caught up on things.

  2. He already goes to nursery two afternoons a week... a mother's help would be wonderful. I wish I'd thought of working as one before having him, as it would have been brilliant experience.

    I have bought a pack of new tights. Go me!


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