Monday, January 23, 2012

Forbidden, shelter and the camera.

1. Alec sipping forbidden squash from Godfather Timothy's glass.

2. This was my first evening helping with the cooking at the Tunbridge Wells Winter Shelter. We had five guests come in for a hot meal, a game of Scrabble and a safe, clean bed, and the Samaritans joined us. A police officer dropped by and while she was waiting for her coffee, she said: "I think you're all amazing for doing this." Personally, I think she's amazing for doing a job I couldn't; and it meant a lot that she took the time to drop in.

3. One of the guests played game after game of table tennis, casually trouncing all comers. By 10pm he had been recruited by the church's team.

4. She showed me the pictures on her camera, and said again: "It's my baby." Then "Will you look after it while I play?" and without waiting for an answer crossed the hall to take her turn at table tennis.


  1. Sorry if I soaked Alec with "forbidden squash", but you know I can't refuse that little guy anything ;)

  2. I don't think he drank much, so it doesn't matter really. It was very funny, and he does love 'drinking' from glasses.

  3. Phew! I got chided for giving him everything he asked for - but I pointed out that that's what Godparents do ;)

  4. You need to be chided so you know that you're spoiling him properly.


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