Monday, January 30, 2012

Usual place, out early and turning year.

1. Alec wakes up next to me, looks at my face, looks at the other end of the bed where I would normally be sleeping, looks back at my face and then takes himself off up to the head of the bed -- presumably to check that I'm really not there.

2. "It was nice to be out early," says Nick, who believes that nothing worthwhile happens before ten at the weekend. "No-one was around but joggers."

3. It's nearly spring -- Nick is complaining about the lack of American football; and Time Team is back on.


  1. What is it with little ones who expect us Moms to be up and about?!! I used to love to open my eyes and see my own little boy's face about 3 inches from mine. I wish I could go back about 30 years and experience that again.

  2. I totally second that Susan. There was something about those mornings. Little hands on your face as you open your eyes and gaze into theirs. They are times to be treasured, put them away carefully Claire; you will still be taking them out, turning them over and marveling at them 30 years from now.

  3. Did he pull the covers back and discover your toes up there?

  4. No, he was more interested in milk!


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