Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Against a grey ground, entertainment and go to sleep.

1. On such a dull day the sun yellow beech leaves and the crimson maple leaves are a joy.

2. Alec pulls faces at two smaller toddlers in the little house at the park. It makes them giggle, showing rows of tiny pearly teeth.

3. It's proving hard to settle Alec. I've got a boring story that I tell him about little sheep with different coloured faces and legs running through a hedge. It doesn't work. I try asking him about the best bits of his day, but all he can remember is the biscuit he had at toddler group -- so I tell him about a plate of all different sorts of bic-bic, some round, some chocolate and some with raisins. He adds a few more and his descriptions get rambly and incoherent and then his arms flop and... snore.


  1. I love the way that autumn trees can look even more startlingly radiant against a darkening sky. On a car journey home yesterday I started to compose a description of the trees involving paintbox colours - umber, burnt sienna, vermilion, filigree lace - I think I will try to work on it some more.
    I love number three - you are so inventive.

  2. Oh that's a lovely idea -- aren't paintbox colours inspiring. Will you put it up on a blog somewhere?

    I like the sounds of the names, but I've never painted much, so I'm not always familiar with the colours.

    Does anyone else have any paintbox colours projects on the go?

    I have to be inventive at bedtime, or I would go crazy from frustration and boredom. I've just got Alec down for a nap, and it took ages. He kept asking for "(S)Leepy Toot-toot" but when I sung Morningtown Ride (which was the sleepy toot-toot song last week) I was stopped with a firm "no more" so I ended up singing a lullaby version of The Runaway Train.

  3. I think of paintbox colors when I look down at the Strip at night - with each of the casinos in a different color: green for MGM, pink for Mirage, gold for Mandalay, dark blue for Luxor, all brights on the castle and New York towers.

  4. My guilty secret is that I want to see Vegas one day. I hope I can find some of that beauty in it, Joe.


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