Monday, October 08, 2012

Wooden railway, the day we caught the train and spectators.

Alec has been modelling a new woolly for Aragon Yarns. He looks very handsome in the autumn sun on Tunbridge Wells Common.

1. Nana has dug out a wooden railway set from her store room. Can we carry it home today? Yes we can. Nick and Alec spend a happy afternoon constructing layouts in our sitting room.

2. On our way home we hear a piercing whistle and see a gout of steam rising above the railway bridge. "Oh we've missed the train going past," says Nick. But we find a gate to look through and -- how wonderful -- an actual Thomas the Tank Engine, complete with faceplate, comes up and halts. It's a Thomas Special day at the Spa Valley Railway. The driver jumps down and gets into a yellow digger, which he uses to fill Thomas' tender. Then he gets back into the engine and in a rush of steam and water and whistles, goes back to the station to continue the show.

3. The square is fenced off for winter, but Alec insists that we stop here, just like does with dad. "Sit down, cricket," he says firmly.


  1. What a great little sweater for Alec! I'm glad you were able to catch that train. :)

  2. Terrific photos -- and something so REAL about a boy with a stick! I love the mimicking of voices and phrases -- language acquisition is so fast at his age.

    Why is the square closed for winter? . . . just wondering . . .

  3. Mary, they fence off the cricket square to protect the grass over winter.

    I know what you mean about the stick -- but Katie is a very good photographer.

    Nicole -- isn't it a lovely jumper! It makes me think of an armadillo, or perhaps a woodlouse. The colours are beautiful in real life Autumn sunlight.

  4. Winter already? it's still sunny 32c here.

  5. Clare, I learn so much from you. I love the train descriptions, too.


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