Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Run, sour and new character.

1. I need to collect a Freegled item, and I decide to combine the expedition with a running session. Alec, as usual, shouts "Quickly, quickly" from his pushchair while I slog up a hill and wonder if it would be worse to die in the street or throw up. Before we arrive at our destination, though, I am wondering why I don't run everywhere. It's great! Why doesn't everyone run everywhere? Looking back, I think it was the endorphins speaking.

2. Sour Haribo sweets.

3. Rolling up a new character and creating a backstory from the random numbers.


  1. I'm so looking forward to getting to know Daisy Took. Can't wait to read the tale of why she left The Pogle Isles and has taken to a life of crime (in a noble cause)!

  2. Long live endorphins! Safe, legal, only mildly addictive, & of course free!

  3. Alec is becoming quite the training coach, urging you to go faster, taking away your sweets . . . Oprah paid big money for that sort of "help."


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