Thursday, October 11, 2012

Not a wagtail, quiet and marvelling.

1. At Camden Lock Laura and I spot what looks like a wagtail, but it has a bright yellow bum. Looking at the always useful RSPB bird guide, I think it's a grey wagtail.

2. At London Zoo, I love the quiet after a shrieking, chattering, excited school party has gone past and then away.

3. To watch Alec marvelling at wonders -- although his wonders are not always the things that we've paid to see: a narrow boat chugging under the canal bridge. A low wall that he can walk along. A bead curtain in the butterfly house.

4. I am concentrating on this butterfly because it is a blur, except for the black dots on its wingtips. When it settles I understand: its wings are transparent.

5. When I look up from the Evening Standard I have picked up from the seat across the aisle (a voice has been saying "Alec Mummy me!" for the past two articles) I see that my little boy has spread a copy of Metro across his knees and has got a bit excited by a picture of a steam train.


  1. Steam trains have to be better than football or politicians. It was a good day.

  2. Delightful stories once again. I always stopped if I could to watch with our three sons, walls being built, cement mixers turning, cars being fixed, every day jobs of life. Now one is a network engineer. one a matte painter for films, and the third still watches the progress of the new tram track being laid near us and is going to get up extra early to go on the first tram (he's 18 now!) He may want to be an engineer and is currently applying for jobs as a theatre technician for his gap year. So all this watching and wondering is stored up somewhere for future use. Lots of love


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