Saturday, October 27, 2012

Coming down, no judgement and roasted pepper.

1. I'm almost ready when I hear Alec chatting to himself upstairs. I want to be ready for lunch before I bring him down, so I don't call up. Then I hear a cheery "Hallo Mummy?" and noises on the stairs. My little man appears in the kitchen doorway, saying "Good boy!" as he always does when he is pleased with himself. I'm glad that he now has even more freedom to move about his home -- though I know that one day I will stop short and realise that I miss "Mummy carry?".

2. I'm old enough as a writer to understand that there is no judgement in writing the first draft.

3. Peeling a roasted pepper, the bright red flesh collapsing in a puddle of caramelised juice.


  1. wonderful little toddler days I miss them

  2. It just struck me that your blogging of beautiful things has prepared you well to realize and take time to savor these fleeting moments of childhood. Thanks again for sharing them with us.
    *A friend told us once of the moment when her striving for perfection in decorating cookies with her children gave way to her son's plea, "I'd like to have worser cookies and better fun."

  3. There will be some things I won't miss (the tantrums, the dirty nappies)... but for the most part, I'm going to enjoy every moment as hard as I possibly can.

    I love that quote, Mary. I've put it in my quote book.


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