Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Forgiven, in the trolley and while I was sleeping.

Fiona and Kaspa are holding a Mindful Writing Day on 1 November -- do consider joining them by contributing a small stone to their collection. I think most of us would be happier if we were more mindful. I know for my part that if things appear to be falling apart, the best thing to do is to stop for a moment, and observe.

1. It's 2am. What does he want? "Park! Porgle* Alec!" When I say we'll walk there tomorrow when it's daylight, he gets really cross and says he's going to sleep in his cot (which he normally avoids as if it were a plague pit). Two minutes later he rolls back and suggests that I might like to offer him some bubby.

2. I put Alec into the seat on the front of the supermarket trolley. "Granny used to push Uncle Robert and me around like this," I tell him. I look to see if he is comfortable -- I have a clear memory of the cold metal against my bare legs.

3. To wake up and find Nick has come home and Alec has fallen asleep for the night.

* Porgle is our word for a walk with Alec -- you know the sort of walk where you have to stop and examine every. single. stick. and. piece. of. litter.


  1. I remember walks like that, where you examine every. single. stick. and. piece. of. litter.
    And then when the kids were bigger we had two little dogs that had to do the same thing.

  2. I secretly quite like it, because you notice things -- but if I'm trying to get us somewhere it drives me up the wall.

    I think that I don't set out with Alec walking for the sake of walking often enough: we're always combining his airing with an errand.

  3. Love porgles - very good word for it :)


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