Thursday, May 23, 2013

Dressing, patisserie and a book.

1. Most mornings, if he doesn't sleep late, Alec "helps" Nick dress, following him from room to room. From the man chatter that I overhear as I doze in bed I understand that Alec always has to have a shave, too, and cleans the razor. I really appreciate the extra rest.

2. Alec picks out a fancy cake for Nana at the patisserie. "She's having a hard time at the moment," I say.
"Would she like a ribbon on the box? A pink one?" asks the girl behind the counter.
We think she would.

3. Nick brings me a present that I didn't know I wanted. It's a weighty, glossy book about an exhibition that I wanted to see but couldn't.


  1. Nice that Dad is starting him early on things.

  2. Love the concept of your blog. Very positive. Now following. :) I actually just started a blog of positive poetry called One Line at a Time. Come check it out if you'd like!


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