Saturday, May 25, 2013

Waiting it out, against the rain and glad tidings.

1. I feel faint again so I put Cbeebies on and lie on the sofa until I feel better. Alec makes himself comfortable against my bump and Little Tiny Baby goes a bit crazy with the kicking.

2. A middle-aged couple shelter from the rain under his coat as they hurry up the hill.

3. Nick comes home with some wonderful work news -- it's a thing that we never even imagined as a possible outcome to a recent upheaval -- and it's right at the start of his holiday.


  1. Great you've had good news about Nick's work - at just the right time too, I should imagine. Lovely to hear about the lively baby, but not the dizziness - not long now though. All the best

  2. another blessing how blessed!! sandy


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