Sunday, May 26, 2013

Wake-up call, the only one awake and women.

1. Nick hears Alec's small hours howling and comes down to lie beside us until things calm down again.

2. Alec is sleeping peacefully now and Nick has gone back to his attic. I'm so hungry I can't get back to sleep. The dawn finds me down in the kitchen reading about Ice Age art and eating bowl after bowl of Alec's breakfast cereal.

3. Alec and Nick looking in the Ice Age art book at representations of women with round bellies, rolling thighs and pendulous breasts. "Beautiful mummies," says a delighted Alec.


  1. This one is classic. The last is my favorite!

    1. I liked three, too, it made me laugh and it made me glad that he's still at an age when beauty is as he finds, not as some learnt notion.

      There is a lot of speculation about who made the fat tummy ladies, why and who their audience was. Was it men fantasising about bouncing around with lovely fat women because all the real women were skinny from so much walking and carrying (the writer of the book says they are too modest to be sexual, though)?

      Was it women asking for the resources to safely bear children?

      Or was it highly skilled toddlers thinking about a snuggley lap and maybe a bit of bubby?


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