Monday, May 06, 2013

Shopping, getting it done and reading in bed.

1. Nick and Alec come back from town with some cleverly selected books -- one combines Alec's interests in dinosaurs and farming; the other meets his needs for stickers (do all two-year-olds love stickers?) and trains.

2. We're all a bit sleepy and grumpy after our naps, but we've vowed to change the beds. We encourage one another -- when I flag, Nick picks up the task. When Nick gets distracted by Alec hiding in the duvet cover, I get us back on track.

3. To get into a clean bed with a comforting book.


  1. They do love stickers! Although, in my experience, mine like to stick them onto everything that is not the little dotted outline in the book lol

    1. Our book doesn't even have dotted lines and I try really hard not to interfere with his... er creative vision :-) but it is hard when he wants to stick them all one on top of the other.


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