Thursday, July 25, 2013

Just us, strawberries and hallo ladies.

1. The small hours feeds and changes with Bettany -- she is all mine and I am all hers.

2. In the shade by Jane's new front door, the smell of wild strawberries.

3. Alec tries to chat up some big girls (they must be about nine) in the shrubbery. He needs to work on his lines, though. "That my Mummy with Bettany in the sling and that my pushchair with my drink" doesn't cut it:  they shriek with laughter and run away on their spindly gazelle legs. (I still think he was very brave to even approach them.)


  1. Good to get practice chatting up the girls, will come in handy some day.

    1. I was remembering this and having a little giggle to myself about it. What I didn't mention at the time was that he was wearing socks and sandals and that his nappy was very full (gosh, those nappy days seem like a lifetime away).


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