Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Indoor activities, Sesame Street and saved.

1. The weather forecast is very wet for today. We have an at home day. The children both take morning naps, which helps a lot because it allows me to get lunch going and set up some cooking for Alec. We made savoury muffins, which he enjoyed very much as you can see from the picture.

2. We watch a few old Sesame Street songs on YouTube (Maya Angelou singing My Name) and I wallow in nostalgia at the familiar kind faces of Louis, Maria and Gordon.

3. Just as everything is unravelling, Nick walks in.


  1. Hooray for good timing (@ 3)!

    Great pic. I love to bake with the kids...until they start pouring in indiscriminate amounts of extra baking soda and salt while my back is turned. Then I pull out my hair, and no one wants hair in their muffins.


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