Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Picture book, advice and nannies.

1. I bought myself Henry's Quest as a little treat and it arrived today. It's Graham Oakley's post-apocalyptic picture book (he's best known for his Church Mice books, which depict municipal middle England in all its fussy glory). I love the vine-covered pylons and the bucolic oil refinery, and (as in all his books) the way the wry mis-matches between the text and the detailed pictures.

2. To call the NCT breastfeeding helpline -- it's nothing serious, just to get some tips on preventing wind -- but the counsellor's simple advice makes me feel a lot more confident.

3. Anna's girls persuade Alec that he wants to go to the park. The next thing I know he's standing by the door with his shoes on. Later they all give him his bath, again spit-spotting him through the process like a trio of blonde Mary Poppinses.