Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Worth her weight in gold, not children and the bigger boys.

1. I don't think our cleaning lady realises how close I came to hugging her when she offers to clear up the cat and fox poo in our front garden. 'I have a dog and a cat, it no problem for me,' she says modestly.

2. I get chatting with a nanny at toddler group -- it turns out she keeps a daily webcomic called Miriam's Daily Adventures. Once in a while it's good to be able to talk about something other than small children.

3. There are always two bigger boys who manage to drive their ride-ons -- a pink lawn-mower and a green motorbike -- out of the approved space (they are not always the same boys, but there are always two of them). They park next to the jigsaw table and start work on a couple of puzzles. While they are engaged a smaller boy makes off with the motorbike. One of the big boys notices, drops his puzzle and puts his bottom firmly on the pink lawn-mower. The other boy notices, too. There is consternation, then negotiation, which concludes with them riding off together on the lawn-mower.