Thursday, June 12, 2014

Family business, wait and the pick-up.

1. The lady who runs the ink shop has her two small children playing behind the counter and the sample prints are shots from a family photoshoot.

2. The time I spend in waiting rooms now seems like a bit of respite rather than wasted time.

3. I don't quite to like to ask as it seems a lot to expect, but Granny says "Shall I go and get Alec?" And I can stay here and calmly put Bettany to bed now while she is looking tired.

3b. As I am leaving for the launch of Digging Up Paradise, Alec pays me a very pretty compliment. I remember this and feel a little guilty later when social media guru Gaynor Edwards says she laughs whenever my normally sweet and happy Twitter stream is interrupted by an exasperated account of his tinksy exploits.

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