Saturday, June 14, 2014

Sleeper, voyage and safari.

1. Today Bettany takes two great long naps.

2. Alec sitting in his toddle truck, which is tied with garden twine to a large cardboard box. He says it's a boat, and would I pour some water on the ground to be the river so he can go sailing the oil-dark seas around Greenland. He propels himself down the garden by turning the front wheels with his hands and peers into a pastry brush spyglass, straining to distinguish icebergs in the dead white fog.

3. There is drama among the fine green tracery of the fennel plant. Aphids the colour of chocolate limes have colonised the stems, followed by punk rocker ladybird larva and lanky spiders marbled cream and freckle-brown. And a few blackfly stand nervously on the cottony shells of their eggs: tourists dropped off in a bad part of town by a careless coach driver.


  1. Love the fennel safari. I won't quite look at aphids in the same way again.

    (You seem to be on something of a roll at the moment...)

    1. Thanks. It's this time of year that makes it easy to notice things and to write well; and I'm re-reading The Pillow Book. Have you read that?

      I spotted two more things this evening, weevily brown creatures with a brown stripe down their backs.

    2. No, I've not read it, but now I want to.

      Alec's imagination is amazingly fruitful too. Do you know the Noggin the Nog animations? You can get the whole collection (I have!) on DVD, I think he might like them.


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