Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Bottled jewels, ten for a penny and a challenge.

This is what my small brother is doing -- he's exploring Greenland.

1. We added pomegranete juice to our fizzy wine and wondered at the colour of it.

2. A dish of flying saucers in pink and green and orange and blue.

3. Jules dares me to see how long I can go just wearing pyjamas. It's tempting, but Katie is unimpressed.


  1. Well, you were discussing whether it would be possible to stay in jimjams for three days, only leaving the house to go to the corner shop for bread and milk. I was concerned about the possible smell! *;) xx

  2. very interesting blog you have here.

    The fact that you can list three new things everyday is an example of how we should all value the things we have in our lives and not worry so much about the things we don't have.


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