Tuesday, December 18, 2007

You know the one, Santa baby and good in a crisis.

1. My brother phones to talk about Christmas presents. I tell him I want a kitchen time -- 'You know, like Mrs Hollins had?' Mrs Hollins was our nursery school teacher, twenty-five years ago. It felt good to describe something like that, and not have to explain it.

2. Baby Elodie comes to visit, wearing a very silly red hat, bringing us stockings stuffed with tiny presents. She dribbles on us all

3. In a crisis, people who do what needs to be done without asking questions. And later, getting the 'all clear' text message.


  1. My brother and I do the same thing! "Do you remember that time on the way to school...?" He'll nod sagely and understand perfectly what I meant, even though we haven't gone to the same school since I was five. I'm twenty-six now.

  2. I'm the only child but I did have a best friend and we grow -up togather so when we talked on the phone we also know what each other was thinking and we also recall child hood memories It's a good feeling when you can do that :)


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