Thursday, December 06, 2007

Stickiness, in your own time and parcels.

1. A large and brightly coloured box wrapped in a pink organza ribbon arrives at work. It contains:
  • Soor plooms
  • Raspberries and blackberries
  • Colour changing popping candy
  • Lemon crystals
  • Bassetti
  • Apple crumble fudge
  • Treacle bangers
  • Twin cherries
  • Stockleys fruit rock
  • Strawberry sherbert
  • Cherry cola bottles
A pleasant stickiness overcomes the office, and people pop in and out all day to nibble at their favourites.

2. I am about to ask for my usual evening beauty appointment, when I remember that as I am about to take three months off, I can book a slot at half past ten on a weekday morning if I like.

3. I get home to find Katie and Jules surrounded by bags of Christmas shopping.


  1. Thanks for the nostaligic link back to my childhood..."aquarterof" certainly does make you think and remember...

  2. Three months off? What's that about? Spill the beans!

  3. Christmas shopping almost complete! Yay!!

  4. I have ordered a whole lot of sweets for Christmas from A Quarter Of which is thanks to you. Am so excited!

  5. I'm so pleased to have found your lovely blog. I sometimes post exhaustive thankful lists on my own, but haven't yet made it a regular, more manageable practice. Your way is nice—in threes. I actually tried it in prayer this morning. Never considered before how the beautiful concept of simplifying could be applied to conversations with God, but it felt good. Thanks for your influence there. I look forward to reading your threes from now on.

  6. I read about this blog on the paper back from London on the train the other night - and am not disappointed. Tis lovely!

  7. Geo -- I know what you mean about simplifying -- it's so much easier to just focus on a few things. The reason I picked three was because it's such a small number that I would feel really stupid if I failed to find three items each day!

    Sheshe -- Oh, oh, how exciting! Which paper, please?


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