Sunday, December 09, 2007

Morale, art and a new skill.

1. A hot Cornish pastie and cup of tea on a very wet day.

2. We stand in front of a painting at the Tate Modern. It looks as if someone has thrown green and orange paint at a canvas and smeared it around. My aunt says: 'Does this remind you of something?' I nod slowly and say: 'Yes. Monet's waterlilies.' 'Me too.' But we don't know why.

3. My aunt teaches me crochet -- I 'discover' several 'new stitches' before I get it right.


  1. The picture was v odd, an instantaneous impression of the Monet, & we were v good & had "proper lunch-time" pasties, not the pudding ones like raspberry.

  2. I taught a friend of mine to crochet, and she invented a very interesting stitch which our knit group now affectionately refers to as The Marva (that's her name). Just call your new stitches inspiration and move on.

  3. The Clare stitch. Put it in a book and you might live in history as the inventor.


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