Monday, December 03, 2007

Thrift, we like cheese and choir.

1. Buying something from the supermarket basics range and finding that it's rather good.

2. Katie is practising along with a recording of Handel's Messiah. I swear there is this one bit where they sing: 'We like cheese.' She is not amused when I point this out. Later, Emma confirms that the words are 'We like sheep', which is nearly as funny.

3. A concert in the Royal Albert Hall where the singers far outnumbered the audience. I loved the way the different parts called to each other across the hall. I've only ever heard Messiah sung by a small choir in a church -- this was a very different experience, and I could almost feel the force of the sound.


  1. Ah, presumably "We, like sheep, have gone astray"? But amusing nonetheless!

  2. your pictures paint a holiday as it is in my mind. thank yoi

  3. At our house we often go astray because we do so like cheese. I appreciate your amended lyric.


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