Friday, December 07, 2007

Tiny flowers, what have I done and nothings.

1. A winter flowering cherry shaking a scatter of brave and generous blossoms in the December chill.

2. Tomorrow, it is two weeks til I leave this job. We are starting to realise what this will mean. I feel like crying when He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named looks up from his work and says: 'I know you're laughing because of the way you coughed.'

3. All the sweet and silly things Nick and I tell each other about the four days we've been apart.


  1. I love reading your 3BT and find it inspires me to look for the good and remember it. Thank you!
    I was wondering if it would be ok to post a link on a private forum I'm on? I think it would inspire others there too. Lx

  2. Lesley, go ahead! Anything that spreads the word.

  3. chery blossoms how lovely where are you going now that you are leaving this job ibeati

  4. I think I missed something - where will you be going for three months? Hopefully someplace where there is computer access.

    JoeInVegas (bacause blogger will not let me log in as myself)

  5. Do you knit? Perhaps you'll need one of these to remind you of beauty when the tree has finished giving its blossoms.

  6. Yes! it inspires me too, also my boyfriend..he helps me with the translation ;-). Thank you and go on...

  7. :D just passing on a comment from my "sort of boyfriend"
    he says:
    "she seems like a happy person"
    "I do quite like this its very colourful"
    "its the most positive thing Ive ever read"
    "its like a painting of her thoughts in very bold colours"

    and i wanted to tell you about a beautiful thing too.
    a woman with a small boy and girl in Morrisons. The little boy keeps running away and the mother shouts "Samuel, come back here, now." He ignores her so she says "You know Santa's watching you" He stopps dead in his tracks and walks quietly next to his sister.
    Apparently Santa is now omni present.

  8. Joe and Sandy -- I'm taking three months off to get my head together and do a lot of writing. I'll start jobhunting in the Spring -- I'd like something part time. Meanwhile, if anyone wants some copyediting done, or if they need anything written, I'm willing and able.

    Geo -- that is charming! I'm so going to try making that. Thank you for passing it on.

    Marion -- Danke! I am glad you like 3BT. Tell me if there are words or phrases that you do not understand. I love to hear about readers who are learning English. I think that if they can enjoy my work, I am writing good, simple sentences.

    Amy -- that's really funny. Santa is watching you through a CCTV made from candy canes and gingerbread.


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