Thursday, December 20, 2007

Wake up, armed and eastern promise.

1. Morning starts to late these days that I get to watch the sun coming up over the chimney pots of Warwick Park.

2. I challenge Oli about the fact that his presents to both He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named and me included water pistols. He laughs.

3. A previously sterile and echoey pub is turned into an Arabian palace with low brass tables, pierced metal lanterns and huge cushions.


  1. Hi Clare
    heres some basic info about the camera used to take those shots .
    That pinhole camera was made from an old olympus trip
    it has about a 24mm focal length and f stop of about 180.
    i have quite a few different pinholes
    including a large format made from a suitcase which is really great for making large photos at train stations plus you can sit on it while it exposes =)=)

  2. As it's the last day before Xmas a lot of dads bring their small children in. We learn a new bouncy dance off Victor's son Ezrah.


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